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Universal life insurance no medical exam

Universal life insurance no medical exam

The essence of the universal life insurance no medical exam is based on the fact that all people in the world deserve a life cover. Whether it is a whole life insurance or just any other insurance cover, one should be catered for in terms of health, education, mortgage and so on. If you are considering taking up universal life insurance no medical exam cover, the following will apply.
Universal Life Insurance No Medical Exam Features

No medical exam
It is common among the main insurance companies that you provide your medical history record as a prerequisite for being accepted. The universal life insurance no medical exam is different. In this insurance type, person will receive the insurance cover with or without the medical exam. This is an important factor for many people who are looking for insurance without being subjected to the medical exam.

Health question not asked
One great attribute of the universal insurance is that no one will ask you about your medical history, or conduct an exam like other insurance providers. This not only saves you the agony of explaining yourself, it also saves you time and effort. The acceptance is immediate without any medical exam approvals.

It is instant
Once you apply for the insurance, you will not wait for any time longer than 10 minutes. As such, in no time, you will receive the notice of acceptance from the insurance company and you will be insured upon making the monthly premiums as per the policy terms.

The quote is free
Though some insurance companies are known to charge for the quote, the universal life insurance no medical exam does not charge for insurance quote.You will only need to go online and apply and in minutes, you will receive your free quote.

Low rates
If one has been paying high rates for their insurance, it is probable that they did not look long enough on the various quotes available online. For instance, the best way to find the most attractive rates is to ask for the free quotes from the top 10 leading insurance companies. Compare each of them, and you will be able to choose the one that offers the most attractive rates. Otherwise you will be paying heavily for an insurance cover.Insurance premium and rates comparison is a must for choosing an affordable insurance cover.

Online access
An important thing to consider is the availability of the insurance online. You will be pleased to learn that anything you needed to know about the universal life insurance no medical exam is found online. What this means technically speaking is that you will have all the information you need from the premiums charged monthly or yearly, the rate charged,the types of cover and the accrued benefits.

Next time you find yourself thinking about fast,safe,affordable and accessible insurance, you need not go too far. As in most cases, the answer lies within you. You just need to broaden your scope to find just the right insurance that suits your needs. This is one example of the insurance policies that people are looking for and especially given the fact that you do not have to take the medical exam.

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